Facebook Technologies, LLC v.  Intellisupport Limited (3 April 2019)

The Nominet UK Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) recently considered a complaint of cyber-squatting where the Respondent registered 20 domain names relating to ‘oculus’ between 2014-2016 including, and None of these domains is in active use.

The Complainant (Facebook) acquired Oculus VR, LLC in March 2014. They own numerous trademarks for the terms OCULUS throughout the world, including some registered in the EU in December 2015.

The Respondent did not seek to contest the matter.

The DRS Independent Expert held that Facebook had ‘…proved that it has Rights in names or marks which are similar to the Domain Names and that each of the Domain Names, in the hands of the Respondent, is an Abusive Registration‘  and directed that all of the domain names be transferred to them.

Who owns your domain name?

By Paul Sullivan FRSA

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