The Arts Council of Northern Ireland recently paid out £12,000 to their own Chief Executive to settle her claims of age discrimination and victimisation without admission of liability.  

The post-holder had been in situ since 2000. In January 2017, she applied for flexible retirement – that is, to reduce her working week from five days to four with effect from April 2017.

The Arts Council, rather than address this request, enquired with the post-holder, on several occasions, as to her retirement plans.

This gave rise to gossip within the organisation which the post-holder felt undermined her position and prompted her to engage the internal grievance procedures.  Discrimination proceedings were also lodged.  

An internal panel upheld the grievance and the post-holder commenced her flexible retirement in September 2017. 

A spokesman for the Equality Commission said:  

In settling the case, the Arts Council has acknowledged and regrets the
hurt and injury to feelings [and] …has reaffirmed its commitment to the
principle of equality of opportunity in employment…

This settlement is not ground-breaking, or at least it shouldn’t be: the default retirement age having been done away with in 2011.

What steps has your business taken to insulate itself against claims like this one?

By Paul Sullivan FRSA

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