As holidaymakers get ready to jet off to foreign climes this summer, the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published the findings of its review of ‘the small print’ often relied upon by airlines.

Paul Smith, CAA Consumer Director, said:

Consumers often do not read their airlines’ terms and conditions. It has therefore been important for us to review this area and work with the industry to seek positive changes. A number of airlines have already made improvements, however, if airlines want consumers to comply with their terms and conditions, it is important for them to write their contracts in plain and transparent language and to make key terms prominent to consumers.

He added:

We are also calling on customers to do their research and be aware of potential fees that they may be inadvertently agreeing to.

In any event, if your flight is delayed by at least two hours, you are entitled under EU law to a written notice from your airline explaining your rights, including compensation of between €250 and €600 depending on the length of your intended flight.

Happy holidays!

By Paul Sullivan FRSA

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