A Circuit Court Judge in Dublin has been scathing about the role of some claimant solicitors in cases which eventually turn out to be ‘set-up accidents’.

By way of background, it was in a case which arose out of an incident which occurred near Sutton Road, Howth, in May 2015.  Five claimants, all apparently members of the Irish-Traveller community with addresses in London, claimed to have suffered whiplash type injuries on a short break to Dublin.  They sought damages totalling €300k.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane, in dismissing the cases as ‘fraudulent’, said that it was clear to her that the claimants had traveled from London to Dublin to stage an ‘accident’.  

Investigations by the defending insurers showed the incident and the claimants were part of a ‘sustained pattern of organised insurance fraud’.  

The judge directed that the files relating to the claims be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions and commented:

Maybe fuller inquiries should be made by solicitors before they take on these cases but I will leave it to [the insurers] whether they wish to instruct their legal representatives to bring it to the attention of the Law Society

The claimants’ solicitor had seemingly terminated their retainer some months previously. 

By Paul Sullivan FRSA

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